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Unexpected Graces

Last year, there was an unexpected evil which violently tore apart my blessed and wonderful family, leaving my 2 special needs children and I homeless, without personal belongings or access to finances for over 3 ½ months. During that discouraging and trying time, God provided for all our needs through His “helpers”.

One such helper, a St. Mary’s parishioner, whom I did not know (but had recently been introduced to), provided me with a small wooden box of religious items (rosary, prayers, candle, a Bible, a crucifix, Holy water), and a heartfelt handwritten card of encouragement. She told me could not imagine what I was going through, but she would be my friend and would help hold me to the cross. That was the best and most loving gift I could have ever been given. It has provided me with immense strength through many a difficult time. True to her word, she has become a beloved friend and sister in Christ and often reaches out providing continued loving concern and prayerful support. The light of the Lord’s love beautifully shines through her.

As God would have it, in His time, my children and I were blessed with a rental home- dirty and empty. St. Mary’s church members again came to our rescue helping clean, repair, dispose of garbage and countless other tasks. Other parishioners reached out and offered prayers, fasting, encouraging words, text messages, beautiful cards, monetary gifts and gift cards, prayer cards, religious stickers-(Jesus I trust in you). Generous persons went on to loan or provide household items and furniture.

The St. Mary meal train ministry, the St. Vincent de Paul Society, the Knights of Columbus, Father Ferguson and the Galuzny Family were especially supportive during this transition time. Without their aid, my children and I would not have been able to get by.

Community organizations where St. Mary parishioners volunteer, such as People In Need, St. Andrews House, Turning Point and the Mid- Ohio Food Collective also greatly supported in meeting our basic needs.

My children and I praise and thank God for the generous outpouring of Love and Grace from St. Mary’s parishioners and clergy. During one of the most trying times in the children’s and my lives, without local family or friends, God helped us to know that we weren’t alone, that there are still good people out there, living their faith and doing His work. It has been a beautiful and humbling experience. We are truly honored to join and be called members of the St. Mary parish family.

May God bless each of you as you continue to spread His Love and Mercy.


Kristen and the boys

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