Well, not quite yet but St. Mary Parish is ready. The Church and the School (the
Parish) will benefit from the replacement of our boiler which finally gave up to the
point where it could not be repaired. The entire cost of the new boiler project is
$424,000. Individual donors provided $262,000 toward the cost leaving $162,000 for
the Parish to cover through general reserves for the blessing of heat. Please
prayerfully consider if you are able to assist the Parish with the outstanding balance.   
Over the next several weeks when winter is bearing down us, parishioners can rest easy knowing that they helped contribute to the cost of keeping us warm at mass, keeping the students comfortable at school and preventing our pipes from bursting.
You may go online to donate, drop off a check to the Parish Office or contact Cathy Brackenridge or Kris Jesse at 740-363-4641. For more information or to view the new boiler please call or email Kris Jesse.


St Mary Church is excited to announce our new Online Giving platform through Our Sunday Visitor (OSV).  Please click on the logo to the right to create an account or to give a one time gift to any of our funds.
OSV.Online giving.jpg
Thank you for your continued support and feel free to contact Cathy Brackenridge with any questions about Online Giving.
These financial gifts support the many ministries and Parish Life that makes St. Mary so special. We accept pledges for our Offertory program throughout the year. The parish needs faithful givers to support our daily operations. Your regular giving through the offertory will fund all our ministries and outreaches, religious education and spiritual programs, music at the Masses, monthly utilities, normal building & grounds maintenance, and administrative costs.
It is your financial commitment that ensures St. Mary is able to keep our doors open and our parish operating.

Consider the way you financially support our parish. Online Giving is offered as a secure and convenient alternative to giving through envelopes or cash in the offertory basket. Online Giving benefits the parish by way of a more consistent offertory income and allows us to better forecast, implement, track and adhere to our budget.