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Parish Council

Apply by February 1.

We will review all applications and decisions will be made by the end of February.

More information to come soon.

Parish Council Application
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We apologize, but the deadline to apply for the Parish Council has passed.

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About our
St. Mary Parish Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body that serves to advise the pastor in his governance of the parish. Members of the Pastoral Council contribute to the mission of the parish by gathering/analyzing information, advising, and offering recommendations to the pastor on various issues that merit their consideration. 


Canon law specifies that the Pastoral Council "possesses a consultative vote only" (CIC 536). The pastor communicates to the Pastoral Council major issues that may benefit from consultation as well as opportunities for pastoral assistance and participation. The pastor respectfully will hear and consider the input of the Pastoral Council, which also may initiate ideas for pastoral or administrative action. All pastoral action and governance of the parish ultimately fall under the responsibility of the pastor, to whom the parish has been entrusted by the Bishop.


The Second Vatican Council called the laity to "a strengthened sense of personal responsibility; a renewed enthusiasm; a more ready application of their talents to the projects of their spiritual leaders" (Lumen Gentium 37). If you are interested in answering this call by serving on the Pastoral Council, please apply below by answering the following questions.

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