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Thank You for being a part of this Important Ministry

Liturgical Minister schedules include all lectors, commentators, Ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers and ushers are published on a monthly basis. 


We are using a new scheduling system, Ministry Scheduler Pro (MSP), to schedule all of our Liturgical Ministers.  This new system will offer each minister greater flexibility with regard to preferred dates and times for serving, the ability to schedule time away, and greater assistance with finding substitutes. For information and help on how to use this system, please watch this short video or refer to this printable guide


If you know you will be away for any specific weekend dates, please use the MSP Web Terminal or the MSP app; or email Wendy Piper at with your dates prior to the 5th of each month previous to your unavailability.


If you are unable to fulfill your assigned date that you please find a commissioned minister to fill your assigned position by requesting a substitute through MSP.


Starting in September 2021, the schedule will once again be created by assigning trained ministers to their various roles.  Additional gaps in the schedule may be available for volunteers to sign up.  Please prayerfully consider serving whenever you are available and use MSP to update your Mass preferences.  


If you are interested in learning how to serve in one of these ministries or if you have questions, please contact Ms. Piper

WendyPiper HelpLine.png

Wendy Piper

Liturgy Coordinator

740-363-4641 x. 109

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