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Get Involved!

Our Church is on a faith journey to make stewardship a way of life.  We invite you to join us on our journey.  It will change your life forever. We are blessed here at St. Mary with a large and very active membership.  

Often when we hear the word stewardship our thoughts go first to money.  But do not be fooled!  Stewardship begins with our time, our talents, and our willingness to share what we have with the community that we love!  Stewardship begins with YOU, giving what you can as a service to others.  Ask the Holy Spirit to guide your actions and let yourself be amazed at what you have to offer!

We are confident that our parish family will continue to answer this call not only by continuing in current ministries but also by becoming active in something new. 

Organizations and Ministries at St. Mary


Make A Gift to St. Mary

St Mary Church is excited to announce our new Online Giving platform through Our Sunday Visitor (OSV).  Please click on the logo below to create an account or to give a one time gift to any of our funds.

OSV.Online giving.jpg

For our faithful donors who have an account on our previous Online Giving platform, please Login to Your Old Account and delete any active gifts after setting up your new OSV account.  Your old account will continue to be active until you delete the active gifts, or until December 31, 2020.  

Thank you for your continued support and feel free to contact Cathy Brackenridge with any questions about Online Giving.

Charitable Giving:

See this document for information on Charitable Giving to St. Mary of Delaware, OH.

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