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school restoration

We are looking for parishioners who can assist us as we restore our school! We have a lot of exciting projects happening, and we need your help to make this possible–including:

  • Complete Teacher's Lounge 

  • Move and centralize SPO room

  • Move Kindergarten supplies to classroom

  • Move Preschool items to Kav hall basement

  • Move CH house furniture and items to CH room

  • Build CH shelves

  • move CH & atrium shelves

  • Move student cubbies to place in halls

  • Move and install hallway shelving back to original place

  • Hang bulletin boards & art

  • Help move chairs out of commons to storage and classrooms​


Sign-up for any of the below slots and let us know when you'll be there:

  • AUGUST 3, 1-5pm

  • AUGUST 4, 9am-5pm

  • AUGUST 7, 9am-7pm

CGS Level 2 Aides

We need 3 additional aides to help in Catechesis of the Good Shepherd PSR throughout the year in Level 2 (1st-3rd grade). There is a need for at least one aide for Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each from 4-6pm.

If interested, please reach out to Emily Wu at with your availability.

safety team

The Purpose of the St. Mary Safety Team is to provide for the safety of everyone involved during the Mass. This team of trained civilians will rely on their ability to be aware of their surroundings and take the least disruptive action to address a disruptive situation.

Training will take place in January, the date to be determined. 

Ethics and Conduct:

  • Honor Others Above Yourself. Be courteous, conscientious, professional and respectful.  Educate people with humility rather than scolding them.

  • Perform all Duties Completely, Correctly and on Time. Team members must understand that their actions are an important ministry. Their actions reflect their training.

  • Be an Example for Others. Safety team members model what being safe looks like through their actions on and off duty.

  • Be Faithful. Team members should understand that they have committed to doing something on behalf of the Church and God. They must honor this commitment by working scheduled shifts and attending trainings.

  • Be Wise. Keep information confidential. Answering a question about the closest fire exit is one thing. Sharing the safest and least safe areas in the building is not. Team members should always ask themselves why someone is asking about the safety plan and answer with care.

  • Be Discreet. Team members will likely learn private information about congregants. Knowledge of this information can help and is never for gossip.

  • Background Checks. Background checks will be performed for each member of the Safety Team. The cost of these checks will be paid for by St. Mary.

  • Interview. Each candidate will need to successfully complete an interview process. This is to be sure that all of the candidates possess the temperament that is required for this ministry. This should provide you with the reassurance that everyone on this team possesses the same demeanor as yourself and that we are all acting as one.


  • Attend Mass. Safety Team participants must be an example to the rest of the congregation and a big part of this is maintaining their relationships with Christ. Working too many shifts can interfere with this.

  • Spend Time with Their Families. Every obligation comes with sacrifice. Any time a member reports for training, meetings or duty they are losing time with their families. Make sure volunteer schedules don't affect their home lives.

  • Attend all Safety Training. One of the most important priorities of safety team members is being fully present for training. That means showing up on time, engaging and familiarizing with protocols so that they are ready to respond in an emergency.

  • Serve at Weekend Masses. Safety Team members must understand this commitment and expect to serve during Weekend Masses. These are the busiest times in the Church.

  • Serve at Large Events. Each member does not need to work at every event. Large events will require some members working extra shifts. This is also a time when the general public will be in the Church.



  • To be present when assigned a shift. Each member will be stationed at specific areas of the Church or the event. Their shift leader will be responsible for the assignments.

  • If there is a disruption, respond immediately as trained. Diffusing a situation before it escalates using the minimum amount of confrontation is required. Talking in a soft but firm voice and guiding the person/ persons away from the congregation is the best tool.

  • If you or anyone on the team feels that they need assistance from the Delaware Police Department DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL 911. The DPD would rather that you call for their assistance for a minor issue than to allow for an issue to escalate that puts you or others in jeopardy.

  • Be courageous when YOU MUST interrupt Mass. Speak loudly, identify yourself and give the congregation the necessary instructions.


  • Safety Team Members will be provided training on a regular and as needed basis from a Church Safety professional and local medical professionals. All training sessions must be attended for you to continue in this ministry.


A couple of times each year we invite parishioners to assist in giving our church a thorough cleaning, usually before or during Advent and before Easter.  If you are able to help, please watch the bulletin for details.


The church gets a general cleaning on Monday mornings and on either Friday or Saturday.  There are volunteers called the Monday Morning Cleaners who clean up from the Saturday and Sunday Mass schedule.  There are several teams who rotate on a monthly basis to clean before Saturday and Sunday Masses.  These groups are mostly made up of one to five members.

An established routine is followed to clean, dust, mop, and straighten the church to an acceptable condition.  The church is in constant use, seven days a week and therefore, a twice-weekly cleaning is necessary to make our church presentable for weekly mass, funerals and sacramental services.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help clean the church, contact the Parish Office, 740-363-4641.  Joining a team is one alternative or forming an additional team is also possible.

Church Brass Cleaning

We have a wonderful group that cleans and polishes the brass twice yearly for Easter and Christmas.  Please watch the bulletin & website for volunteer information on these two opportunities. You are invited to join us and we greatly appreciate your help.

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