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Facility Request Forms

Facility Policy & Request of Use Form
Facility Use Checklist
Facility Policy & Kitchen Use Checklist

Liturgical Service Forms

Altar Server Forms (2019-20)
Minister Commitment Form
Mass Intention Form 

Parish Registration

Parish Registration

PSR Forms

For all PSR forms, calendar and information, please go to the PSR page.

Sacramental Forms

These forms are to be used by St. Mary parishioners only:  
If you are registered at another church please contact your church of registration for the applicable form, which can be mailed to St. Mary once completed.

Baptism Request Form    please email completed form to

Baptism Sponsorship Form    For questions about godparents and sponsors, please contact Emily Wu
Godparent Guidelines

Confirmation Sponsorship Form     For questions about godparents and sponsors, please contact Emily Wu

Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) & Adult Confirmation Form please email completed form to

Confirmation Service Form

Safe Environment Forms

Safe Environment Instructions-Code of Conduct-Volunteer Application

Fast Fingerprints Background Check

Best Practices
St. Mary Social Networking Policy

Remote Learning and Student Communication

Cyber Security Awareness Forms

Email phishing
Mobile phone attacks
The Red Flags of Rogue URL

20 Ways to Avoid Cybercrime - no matter where you are or on what device!

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