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Event& program support

Let's serve together.​

St. Mary's Catholic Church is a busy parish, with a calendar full of wonderful events and programs thanks to our many ministries. We are excited to walk alongside each ministry as we serve our entire St. Mary's community together!

In order to dedicate time to support the needs of ministries across the parish, we streamlined our procedure concerning the scheduling of events and programs on our campus. This will affect all events or programs starting in July 2023.





How it Works:


Review our standards and calendar blackouts.


Your submission is reviewed.


Attend a Follow-up Meeting.

Step One


Review our new event/program standards and our parish calendar blackouts.


We have created a parish-wide calendar that includes dates & times that we will not be hosting additional programs, events, or fundraisers. This will allow us to focus on liturgical seasons, sacraments, and financial campaigns as an entire parish. Our hope is to create cohesion and to unite our efforts, which ultimately helps parishioners to get involved with your ministries and to make a bigger community impact.

Step Two


All ministry groups must submit an 2023-2024 Event Request Form to the Parish Office.


This form helps us to keep track of your planned events/programs/fundraisers so that we don't miss anything!

Step Three

Schedule an appointment between May 1-12, 2023.


We want to sit down with one (or two) ambassadors from your ministry to discuss your vision for 2023-2024!  We will ask you about all your needs and wishes to make your ideas possible, and we will discuss how we can support your ministry so it can flourish.

Step Four

Reviews will be completed by May 31.


Fr. Garland and the Catechesis & Evangelism Team will review your calendar requests. This process takes about two weeks, and allows the parish an opportunity to consider how each event, program, and fundraiser might best fit within the overall Vision and Mission for St. Mary's. You can read more about these standards here.


Each request is given a "Yes," "Yes, but not yet," or "No--until we see specific changes" decision.


Step Five

Follow-up Meeting.


We will reach out and schedule a follow-up meeting with you
to discuss decisions made by Fr. Garland. This meeting will include our Director of Development & Communications to assist with next steps, which includes creating a marketing strategy.

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