About St. Mary Delaware : Parish Information


Mission Statement
We will always strive to be a faithful community of Christian believers who joyfully embrace and share the Catholic faith and traditions passed on by the apostles of Jesus Christ.  We will extend our joy, hospitality and the meaningful voices of our faith to brothers and sisters in Christ both within and outside our parish borders.  We will reach out to the physical and spiritual needs of all of God’s creatures.  Being a community of faith, we are committed to using the personal gifts of every member to the benefit of all and the growth of the Kingdom of God.





  82 E. William St.

  Delaware, OH 43015


  Office Hours  
  Monday - Thursday 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  Friday 8:30 a.m. - Noon
8:45 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.  (except holidays)



  Parish Staff Contact Information   Parish office 740.363.4641 stmary@delawarestmary.org

Rev. Michael B. Watson, Pastor 

  ext. 104  
  Mr. Rick Trippier, Business Manager   ext. 102  
  Mrs. Janet Conroy,   Office Manager    ext. 101  
  Mrs. Janice Trippier, Census Coordinator   ext. 109  

Mrs. Amy Lenocker, Bulletin Editor

  ext. 310  
  Ms. Sophie Steve Haser, Receptionist   ext. 114  
  Ms. Tina Cooney, Music Coordinator, Liturgist    740.513.3705            23 S. Union St.
  Ms. Carolyn Ferroni, Youth Minister-HS & Confirmation Director   740.513.3706            23 S. Union St.
  Mrs. Cathy Brackenridge, Finance Manager                ext. 105  
  Mrs. Jennifer Button, Middle School Youth Ministry   740.513.3707           23 S. Union St.
  Mrs. Gina Stull, School Principal   740.362.8961  
  Ms. Ann Manning, Adult Faith Formation   740.994-1800   23 S. Union St.
  Mrs. Maria Vonada -Coordinator of Religious Education (PSR)   740.513.3325   23 S. Union St.

Mrs. Pam MooreParish School of Religion-

PSR Administrative Assistant 


  740.369.8228 ext 113  
  Mrs. Diana Toth, Consultant to PSR & Adult Faith Formation   740.369.8228 ext 117  
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