Wedding Information

Wedding Music

Initial Contact with the Director of Music

Once you begin your marriage ceremony preparation at St. Mary Parish, contact the department of music to schedule a meeting and begin the music selection process. You may contact the Director of Music to schedule an appointment.

The Marriage Ceremony, whether celebrated within Mass or alone, is a sacrament of the Church. Music chosen must appropriately fit the seriousness and joyful spirit of the covenant proclaimed. The ceremony requires certain standards which must be upheld. Popular and or secular music such as Broadway, film music, top 40 songs, and or taped music will not be considered. This general policy extends itself to vocal and instrumental music performed during the pre-wedding recital, Communion, Meditation, Postlude, etc. For instance, The Wagner and Mendelssohn wedding marches, associated with secular plays and operas, will not be performed. St. Mary Parish asks that these customs and regulations be honored.

Initial Contact with the Director of Music

A Church wedding is not only a very personal event; it is also a sacrament of the Church. As such, the religious nature of the ceremony must be carefully preserved. However meaningful some music may be to the couple personally, the principle that governs the sacredness and acceptability of the wedding music is the religious aspect.

With all due respect to other styles of musical expression, only liturgically appropriate music may be used at weddings. Popular and secular music, such as Broadway, film music, top 40 songs, and taped music (previously recorded music) are not appropriate for liturgical use in Church during the wedding ceremony. This general policy also refers to vocal and instrumental music performed during the Prelude, Communion Meditation, and Postlude, etc. All music, sacred or classical in nature, is to be approved by the Director of Music. The Wagner and Mendelssohn wedding marches associated with secular operas have not traditionally been used in the Catholic Church. St. Mary Parish would ask that you honor these customs and regulations.

The Parish requests that you also honor the tone of the liturgical season that corresponds with the date of your wedding. For instance, some types of music may not fit with the more subdued nature of the Advent or Lenten seasons of the Church’s liturgical calendar year. The Director of Music will guide you through these sensitivities as they relate to the liturgical calendar and will help you make suitable musical selections for the wedding liturgy and assist you in completing the Music Selection Form. All music for weddings must be approved by him.

Musicians For Your Wedding Ceremony

Ordinarily, the parish’s music director and organist serve as the primary musician for weddings. If there are any musicians you wish to play at your wedding, inform the department of music at the time of initial contact. In addition, consider having the musician(s) reach out to the department of music.

Day Of The Rehearsal

The director of music or other musicians may or may not be present for the wedding rehearsal. The purpose of the rehearsal is to familiarize the wedding party with the flow of the ceremony. As such, it is emphasized that the bride, groom, and any musicians meet with the department of music six weeks prior to the day of the ceremony.

Musician Fees

Fees are to be collected by the parish office. Fee schedules may be discussed with the department of music no later than 6 weeks prior to the ceremony.

Fees for instrumental or vocal musicians recruited by St. Mary Church from outside the parish music program will depend on prevailing custom and the rates of the individual musicians. The Director of Music can guide you in these at the time that you meet with her.

Fees for instrumental or vocal musicians recruited by the bridal party from outside the Parish are the exclusive responsibility of the bride and bridal party. St. Mary Church accepts no responsibility for payment of musicians recruited by the bride or groom.