Wedding Information

Wedding Liturgy Planning

The Wedding liturgy should be planned with the priest or deacon who will be the official witness of the church at your wedding. He will help you to prepare a ceremony which speaks of your love united in the love of Jesus Christ. The following will assist you in this planning.

Preparation of the Wedding Liturgy

The wedding liturgy has two forms, either a wedding within the Mass or a wedding without the Mass. It is presumed that the former is the normal manner of celebration when both the bride and the groom share our Catholic faith. The option for a wedding without Mass is preferred when either the bride or the groom do not share our Catholic faith. In this way the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage, a sacrament of unity, will not be followed by a sign of disunity—only a portion of the invited guests being able to participate in the Sacrament of the Eucharist. It is understood, furthermore, that when the Sacrament of Marriage is celebrated between a Catholic and an unbaptized person that the rite of Marriage without Mass is the proper manner of celebration.

Readings for the Wedding Ceremony

The Liturgy of the Word, a proclamation of the Sacred Scriptures, is a major part of any wedding ceremony. The wedding Mass or service would normally have four selections from the bible in this order:

  1. Old Testament Reading
  2. Responsorial Psalm (normally sung)
  3. New Testament Reading (other than a Gospel reading)
  4. Gospel Reading

The Ceremony Selection Form will guide you through the process of selecting the scripture readings as well as the other major texts to be used at your wedding. These selections include all the possible choices for prayers at the wedding ceremony and the wedding Mass. Please mark your choices on the Ceremony Selection Form. Any questions in regards to these texts can be put to the minister helping you to prepare your wedding day.


Music that is selected for the ceremony in church, before, during and afterward, must be appropriate to the sacred character of the wedding liturgy. Therefore, all music to be used in church must be of a sacred character; show tunes, love songs, popular music and the like, while perhaps very eloquent in its evocation of the meaning of love and commitment, will be more appropriate for the celebration at the reception following your wedding liturgy.

Please review the Wedding Music Planning Guide.

The Director of Music will help you make suitable musical selections for the wedding liturgy and assist you in completing the Music Selection Form. All music for weddings must be approved by him.