St. Mary School Advisory Board

The School Advisory Board shall have as its primary concern the intellectual and spiritual development of the students. It shall be its purpose to assist the students in maturing toward wholesome, worthwhile adjustments to their respective culture, social, and economic environments. It shall also be its purpose to aid the individual development of talents, opportunities, and personal adjustments both to other persons and to themselves.
The purpose of the School Advisory Board shall be to develop and define the policies which shall govern the operation of St. Mary School, and to promote the implementation of said policies. It shall also provide and advise in the operation of the school. It is essential that the School Board be explicitly concerned with the religious and academic philosophy of the school.

The St. Mary School Advisory Board meets monthly. Seven members serve on the board. Elections are held in the spring along with the Parish Council and PSR Board. Any member of the parish or anyone with children in the school is eligible to serve on the school advisory board. The board acts as an advisory group to the Pastor and the Principal regarding school policies and long-range goals. Any parishioner is welcome to attend the board meetings.