All St. Mary parishioners are invited to participate in this year round fund raiser sponsored by the SPO (School/Parish Organization). The SCRIP program is a gift certificate program. Here’s how it works. St. Mary’s purchases gift certificates from over 70 merchants at a discounted rate. The SCRIP office sells these at face value to you and the difference is our profit. The percentages from merchants range from 2-25% return. A percentage of the profit is then split with you giving you tuition credit to either the St. Mary school or PSR.

SCRIP gift certificates are easy to use. They spend just like cash. They can be nationwide, and therefore make great gifts. Everyone shops! So shop where you normally shop and spend what you normally spend. Kohl’s and JC Penney also allow you to pay off charge cards with SCRIP. We have gift certificates to popular restaurants and fast-food chains, grocery stores, drug stores, retail stores and gas stations. An order form with a complete list of merchants can be obtained from the SCRIP office or in the side vestibule of church. Follow the following link for more information:

As we continue to try to meet the needs of St Mary families, there are some changes coming to SCRIP hours
February 6, 2017. The SCRIP office will be open inside of the Parrish office on
Tuesday and Thursday of each week from 1 to 2:30pm. If you are unable to stop by during those hours, and you are interested in utilizing SCRIP, please email Thank you for your patience.