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June 2019 Liturgical Minister Schedule
May 2019 Liturgical Minister Schedule

Beginning the first week of July, there will be a change in the Sunday morning Mass times, which may affect the preferences of those who serve in various ministries.  Please complete the following brief survey to confirm which Mass time(s) you prefer to serve (even if your preference to serve remains unchanged from before).  This survey is designed so that you can indicate preferences for yourself AND any other family members who also serve.  If you have unique or very specific serving preferences that require additional explanation, please email Wendy Piper, Liturgy Coordinator at


Liturgical Minister schedules, include all lectors, commentators, Ministers of Holy Communion, altar servers and ushers are published on a monthly basis.  If you know you will be away for any specific weekend  dates, please email Wendy Piper at with your dates prior to the 5th of each month previous to your unavailability. We then know you are unavailable for a particular time period. We  also ask that if you are unable to fulfill your assigned date that you please find a commissioned minister to fill your assigned position.  A  list of ministers names and emails are available through the parish office. This schedule is for weekend liturgies. Special Liturgies, Holy Days of Obligation etc., a sign up sheet will be emailed to all ministers at least two weeks prior to the date. We ask that you sign up for these Liturgies if you are available as soon as possible once sign ups are posted. Questions, may be referred to Ms. Piper.  Thank you for being involved in this most important ministry.

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