Marriage Ministry


Pre-Cana is offered to engaged couples preparing for Marriage. Engaged couples are urged to complete marriage preparation early in their period of engagement to allow sufficient time to thoroughly reflect on those greater issues that will influence their life together. In addition, couples who are discerning the vocation of marriage, but are not yet engaged, may find Pre-Cana helpful in the discernment process. There are several options for Pre-Cana classes offered through the Diocese. For information on all of the Models of Marriage Preparation within our diocese, you may call or email the Marriage and Family Life Office @ (614) 241-2560 or

At St. Mary, we offer our engaged couples the SPONSOR COUPLE PROGRAM. One engaged couple meets with a married couple for a number of sessions, usually in the home of the sponsoring married couple. Topics such as family history, family religion and traditions, finances, sexuality and parenthood, Natural Family Planning, problem solving and communication are some of the main topics discussed in these couple to couple sessions. The average number of sessions for this type of marriage preparation is 4-6 sessions. The engaged couples and sponsor couples are matched according to need at the beginning of the marriage preparation process. For further questions about Marriage Preparation within St. Mary, please call the parish office at 740-363-4641.