St. Mary’s Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain Requests

Contact: Adrian Stevens
Phone Number: 740-363-4641, ext 303
Please leave a voice message or email message  Email:


The prayer chain was started at the request of the RENEW Prayer Committee during the first RENEW season in 1991. People were invited to be on a phone prayer chain to pray for the success of RENEW in our parish and also to pray for the special intentions and needs of parishioners.

Prayer is a vital part of our parish community. It is a source of life for us, individually, and for our parish.

While not everyone can contribute to the life of our parish through their active presence, everyone can help through their prayers. This is why, even after RENEW, the prayer chain has continued to be a vital ministry in our parish.  Everyone who has a local telephone number or email  is welcome to be on the prayer chain.



The prayer chain is made up of smaller chains. Contact the prayer chain either by phone or email as listed above with a request, and the entire chain is activated.

Please make the request simple and clear.  Read the request back to assure accuracy.  Excessive details are discouraged.  Pray immediately for the request and continue to remember it in prayer for at least three days.  All requests are kept CONFIDENTIAL. Thanksgiving prayers are encouraged.

We ask that we pray for each other that we persevere in patience and charity.