Parish School of Religion (PSR)

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The Parish School of Religion (PSR) mission is to assist parents in the religious education and spiritual formation of their children. Our program is committed to the spiritual development of students in the parish (K-8th grade) who attend non-parochial schools.  We are excited to transmit the message of Jesus Christ to the families who participate in our program!

Tina White, Director of Religious Education

Lenten Reconciliation Service with Family Retreat  •  March 24

The Parish Lenten Reconciliation Service will be held on Sunday, March 24 at 2:30pm. We will begin with a brief prayer service and Fr. Sylvester will be joined by visiting priests from our Diocese to hear Individual Confession until 5pm or until the last family has received the sacrament.

New this year is a Family Retreat prior to the Reconciliation Service at 1:30pm in Beitel Commons. This Family Retreat is open to all families of the parish and offers a casual and engaging opportunity to learn about and prepare for the healing Sacrament of Reconciliation. Through family-centered activities and discussion, Religious Education and Youth Ministry invites your whole family to this mini spiritual retreat, especially designed to help parents, young children and teens fall in love with Jesus’ true healing power found in Reconciliation. All are welcome! Join us!

Contact Tina White for more information in the Religious Education Center at (740)369-8228


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Our Parish School of Religion is in full swing.  We have Pre-Kindergarten through our 8th grade confirmation class.  The second grade and the 8th grade are preparing for their sacraments.  They are extremely excited about these adventures.  The 8thgraders are looking forward to the retreats and youth ministry.  Fifth graders are excited to be altar servers and learn about the Mass and the Bible. Fourth grade is focused on learning the prayers, learning about the commandments and service.  Third grade is learning about the sacraments and the rosary.

Parents: Please remember the following about St Mary’s program for PSR, School, Youth Ministry and Adult Education, to make your child’s religious education experience a full and dynamic of an experience as possible.

  1. Bishop Campbell has said that every Catholic should be spending 40+ hours each year learning about the faith.  This starts at Kindergarten and goes through adulthood.  Our Senior High youth ministry is your child’s next step after PSR.  The 40 hours does not stop after 8thgrade.  So see you at the activities that we and the Diocese offer.  Please let us know what else we can do to ease this educational objective for you and your family.
  1. First and Second grade are mandatory for receiving first reconciliation and first communion.
  1. 7-8thgrade are mandatory for receiving the sacrament of confirmation. At St. Mary we offer The EDGE program for 6th & 7th graders, which covers the first two years of the St. Mary Confirmation Preparation Program. Upon completing this program, your 8th grader will advance to the final program, which is called ONEIGHT.
  1. After Confirmation, in 8th grade, your child can be trained to be a leader at the senior high youth group.  We have retreats especially to train the youth. They can use the training on their college application as well as learn their faith on a deeper level.

We can assist you in every mode of learning and stage of life! So let us help you succeed in your families educational adventures.