Church Cleaning

A couple of times each year we invite parishioners to assist in giving our church a thorough cleaning, usually before or during Advent and before Easter.  If you are able to help, please watch the bulletin for details.


The church gets a general cleaning on Monday mornings and on either Friday or Saturday.  There are volunteers called the Monday Morning Cleaners who clean up from the Saturday and Sunday Mass schedule.  There are several teams who rotate on a monthly basis to clean before Saturday and Sunday Masses.  These groups are mostly made up of one to five members.

An established routine is followed to clean, dust, mop, and straighten the church to an acceptable condition.  The church is in constant use, seven days a week and therefore, a twice weekly cleaning is necessary to make our church presentable for weekly mass, funerals and sacramental services.

If you are interested in volunteering your time to help clean the church, contact the Parish Office, 740-363-4641.  Joining a team is one alternative or forming an additional team is also possible.

Church Brass Cleaning

We have a wonderful group who clean and polish the brass twice yearly for Easter and Christmas.  Please watch the bulletin & website for volunteer information on these two opportunities. You are invited to join us and we greatly appreciate your help.