About St. Mary Delaware


Mission Statement

Under the patronage of Our Blessed Mother, and rooted in the Roman Catholic faith since 1835, Delaware St. Mary is a vital and vibrant community that engages the living God in worship and prayer, and in Word and Sacrament. Led by the Holy Spirit, and imploring the intercession of St. Mary, we desire to imitate her role of being the Christ bearer, and bear witness to her Son’s redeeming love that has been poured upon us in Baptism, and sustained by the practices and teachings of the Church.

St. Mary Parish History


82 E. William Street
Delaware, OH 43015

Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Wednesday: 9:30am-4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am – Noon
Sunday: 8:30am – Noon (except holidays)

Parish Staff Contact Information


Rev. Sylvester Onyeachonam, Pastor
Fr. Sylvester
740.363.4641 ext. 104

Dcn. Todd Tucky, Director of Liturgy
Dcn. Todd Tucky
740.363.4641 ext. 1008

Dcn. Felix Azzola, Retired Deacon
Dcn. Felix Azzola
740.363.4641 ext. 111

Mrs. Kris Jesse, Business Manager
Mrs. Kris Jesse
740.363.4641 ext. 103

Mrs. Janet Conroy, Safe Environment/Cemetery Coordinator
Mrs. Janet Conroy
740.363.4641 ext. 101

Mrs. Cathy Brackenridge, Finance Manager
Mrs. Cathy Brackenridge
740.363.4641 ext. 102

Mr. John Blasko, Director of Music
Mr. John Blasko
740.363.4641 ext. 1006

Mrs. Amy Lenocker, IT Specialist
Mrs. Amy Lenocker
740.363.4641 ext. 108

Mrs. Lisa Piper, Parish Secretary/Bulletin  
Mrs. Lisa Piper
740.363.4641 ext. 114

Mrs. Carol Kuhns, Coordinator of Homebound, Sick & Aging
Mrs. Carol Kuhns
740.602.0204 ext. 100

Ms. Wendy Piper, Liturgy Coordinator
Ms. Wendy Piper
740.363.4641 ext. 109

Mrs. Cathy Bennett, Volunteer Coordinator
Mrs. Cathy Bennett
740.363.4641 ext. 115

Mrs. Emily Wu, Religious Education Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Emily Wu
740.369.8228 ext. 313

Mrs. Julie Lutz, Director of Adult Faith Formation
Mrs. Julie Lutz
740-363-4641 ext. 1005

Mrs. Gina Stull, School Principal
Mrs. Gina Stull

Mr. Greg Thompson, Building Superintendent
Mr. Greg Thompson
740.362.8961 ext. 203

Mrs. Sophie Koeritzer, School Secretary
Mrs. Sophie Koeritzer
740.362.8961 ext. 201

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